The occupants of a house in Taupō are picking up the pieces after vandals smashed their way through their home - destroying everything in it.

Video footage of the aftermath has been posted online and shows absolute destruction - with windows smashed, walls kicked in, broken furniture and debris littered everywhere.

Even the children's bedrooms were not safe.


In one, a white children's bunk bed has been left in pieces as other furniture - a clothes cabinet and heater - have been flipped over. The only thing left hanging in one corner is a dream catcher.

A woman taking the video is clearly livid and emotional, with her voice shaking at times.

Panning the camera around the room, she is heard addressing a person thought to be the owner - who is not there to see the destruction herself.

"Here's your house, Missy,'' the woman says.

"Disrespected...look at it. You can walk through the f****** walls. Every window smashed. Wow...I'm fuming."

Addressing the vandals, she says: "You f****** nasty bastards, bro. This is a...kid's room!''

A second child's room is shown also trashed but with remnants of what it used to be.

On one wall, a big silver star has been painted with the words: "Happy, live, love, laugh, smile.''


The words are now accompanied with graffiti and tags reading "FTP'' - f*** the police.

Exactly when the vandalism took place is it not yet known. However, the footage was uploaded online on Tuesday.

Police have been sought for comment and more information about the incident.

The woman taking the video is with at least two other women who also give cries of disbelief and shock.

"Ratsh*t,'' one says under her breath.

Acknowledging the owner, another says: "She's gonna cry.''

A family member told the Herald the whānau is due to meet this weekend to discuss the incident.