The Herald can today reveal notorious high-risk sex offender Ronald Van Der Plaat has been back before the courts charged with breaching an Extended Supervision Order by making contact with a child.

Diagnosed with dementia, his health has deteriorated to a point where he is unable to live in the community and has been ordered to live in a secure facility, leaving only for short periods with approved caregivers.

In 2000 Van Der Plaat became one of the country's most infamous sex offenders when he was jailed for a litany of horrific abuse against his daughter spanning 23 years.

Here, we look back at his ghastly offending.

This story is graphic and could be confronting or upsetting. Please, take care.

Ronald Van Der Plaat started raping, sexually violating and indecently assaulting his daughter Tanjas when she was just 9.

For the next 23 years he would keep her as a sex slave, subjecting her to "bizarre and depraved" abuse which only ended when she became pregnant to him - not for the first time - and suffered a miscarriage.

Van Der Plaat would use handcuffs, chains and clamps on Tanjas during sadistic sex sessions.

He would ply her with alcohol and sedatives before sex - once resulting in an overdose that left her with a permanent heart problem.




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