Police and Auckland Rugby are investigating an incident during a high school rugby match where a referee was reportedly injured.

The incident took place on the grounds of Tangaroa College - the South Auckland school played Auckland Grammar School in a second-grade 2B semifinal.

Auckland Rugby said in a statement they were aware of the "alleged incident" which took place at the conclusion of the match.

"We are currently waiting on a report from the match official who presided over the game, which we will investigate via the appropriate channels in due course.


"Our first priority is ensuring the health and wellbeing of our players and volunteers, and this process is currently under way."

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A police spokeswoman said they were called to Haumia Way, Otara after a report of a disorder incident about 10.45am.

No one had been arrested in relation to the incident when the Herald asked police about the incident, however, the spokeswoman said inquiries would continue.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for St John said the ambulance service was initially called to assist by police but it was not required.

Auckland Grammar headmaster Tim O'Connor told the Herald team management called police over safety fears for players, officials and spectators.

"We are grateful for police intervention and await the outcome of their inquiry."

In a text message, Tangaroa College principal Davida White said a statement would be released after details of the incident were confirmed.

Auckland Grammar School headmaster Tim O'Connor. Photo / Jason Oxenham
Auckland Grammar School headmaster Tim O'Connor. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Late last month a 27-year-old was charged by police with common assault after he punched a referee during a match between two Otago clubs.

The incident happened at the end of the senior grade final between Strath Taieri and Crescent at Middlemarch - it was caught on video.

Referee Brandon Hale penalised Crescent after the player barged into a Strath Taieri player who was picking up the ball to take a penalty.

Hale brought out the offending player and the Crescent captain. After briefly speaking to the two players, Hale showed the offending player a red card.

The player then allegedly punched the referee, hitting him in the shoulder and then his head. A melee eventuated for a short time before calmness was restored.

Elsewhere, a young rugby referee was punched and strangled by a spectator after he sent a player off the field at an under-12s game, also late last month.

The match was played between the blue and red Ardmore Marist teams at Auckland's Pulman Park on Saturday, July 27.

A witness said the 15-year-old referee had warned the player three times before sending him off.

After the final whistle, a spectator - who appeared to be related to the player - approached the referee to speak with him.

Following their discussion "the young ref went to walk away and was blindsided by a hit to his chin that landed him on the ground", the witness said.

The spectator "then tried strangling him - picking the ref up by the throat".