An arrest warrant for a high-profile gang member who failed to appear in court this week has been cancelled after he presented before a judge today.

Killer Beez president Josh Masters, 41, was supposed to appear in the Auckland District Court on Monday on a charge of breaching his prison release conditions.

He did not show up and a warrant to arrest was issued.

The Herald has learned that Masters - who was shot in an alleged gang-related confrontation in April - voluntarily appeared in court this morning.


Masters was released from prison in July last year after serving nearly all of a 10-year, five month sentence for supplying methamphetamine and laundering the profits through his rap label.

He was jailed in May 2008 but was freed by the Parole Board in July after they deemed he was no longer considered an "undue risk" to the safety of the community.

A number of release conditions were imposed - one being that Masters was forbidden from associating with gang members unless a specific exemption was made by his probation officer.

He was also banned from entering "any areas where gangs congregate" including "fight clubs and gang pads".

In November the Herald revealed that Masters had been charged with breaching a condition "in that he associated with a known gang member".

Court documents do not state who that gang member was.

Masters pleaded not guilty to the charge.

He was almost killed in April when he was shot in the torso in a daylight attack at a Mt Wellington motorbike shop.

Aukustino Tae - a patched member of the Tribesman gang - has been charged with the attempted murder of Masters.


The pair were friends for many years.

Tae is defending the charge and is expected to appear in the High Court at Auckland next month.

Masters has reportedly refused to speak to police or make any kind of statement about the incident.