Auckland CBD drivers beware, the traffic conundrum around the Victopia apartment building on Victoria St West is continuing to cause delays in the area.

Nelson St, a major thoroughfare through downtown Auckland, is set to remain closed until mid-next week, a week later than first predicted.

Motorists are being warned by Auckland Transport to be prepared for additional delays in the area as road closures will continue to impact key city routes.

Meanwhile, traffic on the motorways is starting to swell throughout the Auckland region as the evening commute kicks off.


"The wind has increased in the area and this may affect the timeframe for the road re-opening," AT said.

"The cycle lane on the western side of Nelson St heading toward Viaduct Harbour is open. Pedestrian access is also maintained."

Meanwhile, AT said the crane on Nelson St will remain on site throughout the week to access the Vogel Lane side of the building.

Work to fix loose building panels on the side of the Victopia building continues today after a 40kg panel blew off the apartment building on Thursday.

A witness said she heard a "very loud bang", then saw dust fly up from behind a construction fence when the panel fell just after 1pm.

Several pedestrians on the footpath below had visibly jumped at the impact before retreating to a covered tunnel.

The Auckland apartment building from which the panel fell is subject to $40 million of remedial work which began in March.

Roads surrounding the building, on the corner of Victoria St West and Nelson St, were closed following the incident.


Late yesterday evening, AT announced Victoria St West had reopened to traffic following major disruptions on Friday and over the weekend.

Northern Motorway (SH1):

• Southbound: Heavy approaching the Harbour Bridge.

• Northbound: Heavy between Esmonde Rd and Northcote Rd, again between Tristram Ave and Upper Harbour Highway.

Southern Motorway (SH1):

• Southbound: Heavy between the City and Greenlane, again through Manukau, then between Hill Rd and Takanini.

• Northbound: Heavy between Mt Wellington and Market Rd.

Northwestern Motorway (SH16):

• Southbound: Queue for the Northern Link.

• Northbound: Heavy between the Causeway and Lincoln Rd.

Southwestern Motorway (SH20):

• Southbound: Heavy between Walmsley Rd and Massey Rd. The queue for the Southern Link is backed up to Lambie Drive.

• Northbound: Free-flowing.

Upper Harbour Highway (SH18):

• Eastbound and Westbound: Free-flowing.