Firefighters saved a house from flooding near Lake Ōkataina this morning as the region still feels the effects from yesterday's downpour.

A deep, low and moist northerly wind drove the heavy rain in the region yesterday, with the worst-hit area being Waioeka with 135mm in the 12-hour period from noon yesterday.

MetService meteorologist Tom Adams said heavy rain on the hills in the Waioeka area caused rivers to flood.

Whakatāne had a total rainfall of 50.6mm from noon to midnight yesterday, with a peak of 20mm between 7pm and 8pm.


State Highway 2 between Rewatu Rd and Taneatua Rd over the Whakatāne River is closed until further notice due to severe flooding of the river.

State Highway 2 is also closed from Awakeri to Ōpōtiki via the Waimana Gorge because of flooding on the road.

State Highway 2 is closed between Taneatua Rd and Rewatu Rd. Multiple local roads in the area are also closed.

There was between 50mm and 70mm of rain across the Rotorua area, with the heaviest fall between 5pm and 6pm.

Rotomā firefighters were called to a property on State Highway 30 near Lake Ōkataina around midnight where a house was at risk of flooding.

A Fire and Emergency media spokesman said the crew pumped the water and eliminated the risk of flooding at the house.

Rotorua Fire Station senior station officer Brendon Grylls said the station was called to two leaking roofs in central Rotorua last night.

Rotorua Lakes Council were called to a range of weather-related issues overnight.


Amohia St flooded from a blocked grate and a fallen tree blocked one and half lanes on Tarukenga Rd. These were both cleared by contractors.

Another tree blocked both lanes on Hamurana Rd but was cleared by the time contractors arrived and a large pothole on Arawa St was being repaired this morning.

Hamurana Rd also had several small slips beyond the edgeline, several potholes were reported in the urban industrial area, and a large slip on State Highway 5.

The was also one on Te Kopia Rd and another fallen tree on Tarawera Rd between Tikitapu (Blue Lake) and the lookout.

Grylls said the Rotomā Fire Station was called to surface flooding on State Highway 30.

Grylls said it was a quiet night considering how much it rained.

Stormwater works on State Highway 1 in Tokoroa meant temporary speed limits are in place on Main Rd, Tokoroa.

There are lane diversions with a restricted lane width of three metres.

In a release this morning, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) said their operations team had installed stop logs at the Whakatāne boat ramp and the Sportfishing Club.

Whakatane River this morning. Photo / Katee Shanks
Whakatane River this morning. Photo / Katee Shanks

Whakatāne experienced flooding with the rise of rivers in the area, with the exception of the lower reaches of the Whakatāne River.

They have peaked and are now receding and the river levels have not affected properties within flood protected schemes.

This precaution is in preparation for high tide which would peak the river levels at 11 am this morning.

Duty flood manager Mark Townsend said the procedures in place under the Lake Matahina Management Plan with TrustPower have worked as intended, with the dam operators continuing to spill water for the peak time of the Rangitaiki River this morning.

MetService has lifted the heavy rain warnings for the area.

Meteorologist Tom Adams said the rain is clearing and besides a few showers, the weather is expected to be fine from Saturday to Wednesday next week.

BOPRC flood room will stay activated.

Updates will be shared on the BOPRC Facebook page and website