An independent organisational review of the Kāpiti Coast District Council has been given the nod.

Council approved the review at a meeting on Thursday, and will now look at terms of reference as well as who should be appointed.

The cost hasn't been locked down but a report by corporate adviser Ian Clements said a review by an independent external organisation could last between two and eight months and "cost somewhere in the $100,000 to $500,000 range".

He said the purpose of the review was to assist the council to determine whether or not it has the right structure, capability and resource to deliver on its key objectives.


The overall outcome "could be improved organisational performance and results, thus increasing the community's confidence in and support for the council".

"Reviewing the council's overall ability to deliver could provide critical insights needed to identify new opportunities and direction as well as better achievement of existing priorities.

"A successful organisational review could lead to improvements in processes, structure and skill development.

"This in turn could result in increased productivity and efficiency, and increased staff satisfaction and engagement stemming from staff having a better idea of what is expected of them."

A report would come back to council on August 8 for the selection of a preferred provider and a final scope, timeframe and costs would only be known from the proposals received.

Another project on the council's books would have to be deferred to cater for the cost.

Ōtaki ward councillor James Cootes, who sought a review, said terms of reference will be determined to guide the organisation which does the review.

"It is imperative that we select a company capable of doing the review impartially and with integrity.


"As I've said previously we have some fantastic staff within the organisation doing lots of really great things. We also have teams incredibly stretched.

"The review, I have no doubt will reflect that, but will also find the areas that need improvement, to lift our performance, our culture, our reputation."