Police are investigating a report of an Auckland schoolgirl being indecently touched by a stranger on the way to school on Monday.

Onehunga Primary School principal Viki Holley wrote to parents expressing concern after the girl - who attends a neighbouring school - reported the assault.

The girl was on Trafalgar St heading into Manukau Rd when the assault happened, Holley wrote.


"The police have been notified and are investigating. We advise all families to speak with their children about staying safe on the way to and from school."

Detective Senior Sergeant Geoff Baber of the Auckland City Police confirmed police were investigating an indecent assault that occurred in Royal Oak on Monday morning.

"Police made a number of inquiries in relation to this incident and are speaking to a person in relation to this matter," he said.

"At this time no charges have been filed. Support has been provided to the victim of the assault."

Onehunga Primary School also posted the police's advice for parents to its Facebook page.

Tips included sticking with a buddy where possible and avoiding secluded shortcuts and avoiding distractions like music or texting.

"If you think you are being followed, walk quickly straight ahead. Consider crossing the road to see if the person also follows. If this happens, run to a shop or up to an adult and ask for help.

"If you are approached by someone offering you treats, or asking you to come with them, ignore them and quickly move away.


"If someone grabs you, yell out "Go away!!" at the top of your voice so as to attract attention to the situation. Push the person away with all of your strength."

Writing down a description of the person and even part of a number plate would also help police with their investigations, the post said.

But parents were encouraged to teach their kids not to fear strangers.

"In all likelihood if they are in immediate danger it is a stranger who will be their closest support - one sad fact in New Zealand is that a child is more likely to be harmed by someone they know, rather than a stranger. Therefore, let's focus on behaviour - if it is behaviour they don't like, or behaviour that frightens them, then teach them to get help as soon as possible."