A pair of accused sex toy thieves left behind their getaway car after an employee busted them allegedly stealing from a Lower Hutt adult store on Saturday.

Peaches and Cream Petone employee Ang Marguerite started yelling when she realised the two men in the store were trying to make off with $500 worth of products - including a three-inch penis extender - and managed to make them drop the goods when they fled.

"Dumb and Dumber dropped pretty much everything they were carrying," she told the Herald.

"All the products hit the ground, and then a car key hit the ground."


The pair ran away, leaving their car parked outside facing the wrong way, ready for a "getaway".

Most of the items the men attempted to steal were undamaged. They included the penis extender, an arousal gel and lubricant.

Marguerite said the men were connected to two women she referred to as the "butt plug bandits".

The two women were allegedly seen stealing butt plugs from the store in February.

According to the store manager, they used a well-known shoplifting tactic, involving walking in together, then splitting up inside the store, with one of them chatting with the staff while the other hides away and fills a bag.

The women allegedly made off with three toys worth hundreds of dollars each and a leopard print dress worth $95.

Marguerite said she has previously been "roughed up" by other thieves that have targeted the shop.

Each time shoplifters come to the store, their photos are posted on social media.


"It gets a bit of notoriety," she said.

"I think it's really important that people realise every small business gets targeted."

The store has managed to get some of the thieves in previous incidents convicted, thanks to security footage.

"You don't get to get away with this," she warned.

"It's a pretty embarrassing thing to get busted for, so be a better person. Stop stealing butt plugs."