A cyclist has been caught riding dangerously on Auckland's Northern Motorway during peak hour traffic.

A video of the cyclist shows him riding in the left lane, approaching the Harbour Bridge, while motorists have to change lanes to avoid hitting him.

Chase Manning, who was travelling north on a bus at the time, said he captured the daredevil cyclist on route about 5pm.

"Someone on a push bike is on the motorway heading towards the Harbour Bridge," Manning said.


"Cars were yelling at him and he was yelling back defending himself.

"Our bus had to suddenly change lanes to avoid hitting him."

A police spokeswoman said it received multiple reports of a cyclist on the motorway heading toward the Harbour Bridge about 5pm.

A few minutes later the Traffic Operation Centre noted the male cyclist was off the road, she said.

It is unclear whether the man was arrested but it is an offence to cycle on a motorway, punishable by a fine