Comment by Andrew Dickens of Newstalk ZB

I'm still genuinely shocked and amazed at the delusions some people live under. A selfish fantasy world divorced from reality.

The latest is the father of the brothers who died in a fiery crash in Christchurch this week after running over some road spikes laid by police. He has spoken to the media and it was on today's front page of the Herald.

As it turns out he's not exactly a saint and I guess he talked to the Herald because he didn't want his crimes to affect the reputation of his boys. Yet in what he said he has made things even worse.

Craig Mcallister, father of brothers Glen and Craig Mcallister who died in a fiery car crash in Christchurch, posted this photo on Facebook.
Craig Mcallister, father of brothers Glen and Craig Mcallister who died in a fiery car crash in Christchurch, posted this photo on Facebook.

Turns out he was a skinhead in days gone by. So was his schizophrenic brother. Ten days after his brother finished a lag in prison he was asked to drive the brother to Cathedral Square with a gun, whereupon the brother picked out a stranger, killed him and then killed himself.

What a horror. The father of the boys who died this week said the only choice he had with his brother was to drop him off at the Square or a residential area. How weak. How about not driving him anywhere? How about driving him to a mental care facility.

Anyway I can see his point that he didn't want the crimes of the uncle to be held against the deaths of his children. But then he went on.

Why were his 13- and 16-year-old children stealing cars and doing burnouts? Because, he says, boys will be boys.

Mate, boys don't steal cars. Criminals steal cars. Horrible people steal cars. Why was his 16-year-old there and driving? To protect the 13-year-old from getting into pursuits and fights. And then he got into a pursuit.

Finally, he said his past actions had nothing to do with his boys' death, And I quote: "The police killed my kids ... it's not about me". Unbelievable.

Mate, it's all about you. You didn't learn from the past. You didn't warn your kids. You didn't teach your kids. You claim you've cleaned up but you haven't found a moral compass.

Your actions or inactions have been why several people are dead. Your brother, your two children and a random stranger. And yet somehow he seems to be claiming victimhood.

The headline is "Don't judge us!" Spare me. The headline should be "The blind, stupid, selfish immorality that blights our country and kills innocents".

His name is Craig Mcallister and he lives in a fantasy world. Which wouldn't be a problem except people die and get hurt in his fantasy.

The cycle of violence and antisocial behaviour rolls on.

Someone on talkback will probably blame the anti-smacking law. What you're failing to understand is the significant minority who are beyond and beneath the law and who just don't care. They scare me deeply.