Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the death of Grace Millane was a tragedy, and could not imagine the grief of her family, including the father David who was in the country.

She said there was an overwhelming sense of shame that this tragedy happened in New Zealand, and she apologised to the family on behalf of New Zealand.

Ardern's voice became emotional as she said that Grace should have been safe in New Zealand.

She said New Zealand was normally a safe place to travel in.


Ardern addressed media this afternoon for her post-Cabinet press conference.

Millane's body has been recovered and a man charged with her murder - but police still have months of hard work ahead of them in their pursuit of justice.

Ardern may also be asked about KiwiBuild boss Stephen Barclay, who the Herald understands is in an employment dispute with the Government department overseeing the massive house construction scheme.

Barclay has not been performing his duties since early last month, but the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development this afternoon issued a brief statement saying that Barclay had not resigned.

Ardern may also talk about the strikes by Air NZ staff planned for December 21, the Friday before Christmas, and the latest Household Income Report that shows one in five Kiwi kids live in a house without access to food.