A proposal to build the National Erebus Memorial at the celebrated Parnell Rose Gardens will be submitted to the Waitemata Local Board next week.

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the Erebus disaster which saw Air New Zealand flight TE901 crash into Mt Erebus in Antarctica, killing all 257 people on board.

Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage will submit the proposal and hopes it will be established at Dove-Myer Robinson Park/Taurarua Pā in early 2020.

Minister for Arts Culture and Heritage, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was "really pleased" with the progress made towards its creation.


"Erebus remains one of New Zealand's worst civil disasters, and the Memorial will recognise this event and honour the memory of those who died," she said.

The Parnell Rose Garden on Gladstone Road. Photo / File
The Parnell Rose Garden on Gladstone Road. Photo / File

"The team at the Ministry of Arts Culture and Heritage has been working closely with the families of the Erebus victims, to understand what they would like, as well as considering the requirements of a National Memorial.

"The Ministry also has been working with Auckland Council, iwi, and community groups to select an appropriate site."

On the morning of November 28, 1979, Air New Zealand flight TE901 left for an 11-hour return sight-seeing flight to Antarctica.

At 12.49pm, the aircraft crashed into Mt Erebus and all 237 passengers and the 20 crew members on board were killed.

A Royal Commission of Inquiry headed by Justice Peter Mahon found the cause of the incident came down to Air New Zealand and its systems.

Family members of the Erebus disaster victims were surveyed by the Ministry and received feedback which helped guide the selection of the site for the memorial.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said it was appropriate New Zealand should commemorate the victims and for the memorial to be in Auckland.


"We're pleased to have proposal that meets the wishes of many family members of the Erebus victims and acknowledges that the flight left from Auckland," he said.

"Feedback included that the site be a place of peaceful contemplation and reflection and a place for informal family gatherings.

"A proposal for this site will be submitted to the Waitemata Local Board next week. Any approval by the Board will be in principle at this stage."