Motorists on the Southern Motorway are facing significant delays and heavy traffic after an early morning crash blocked two lanes.

The crash was blocking two right lanes at Highbrook with the fast lane blocked for northbound traffic with delays back to Te Irirangi Dr

Motorists were advised to consider using SH20 via Waterview Tunnel north to the CBD.

The lanes had been cleared around 6.20am but traffic was still heavy for southbound traffic.


Citybound traffic on the motorway was heavy between Drury and Takanini.

Northern Motorway

Citybound: Moderate and building between Greville Rd and Tristram Ave.

Northbound: Free flowing.

Northwestern Motorway

Citybound: Free flowing

Westbound: Free flowing.

Waterview Tunnel Southbound: Free flowing.

Southwestern Motorway

Southbound: Free flowing.

Northbound: Free flowing.

Waterview Tunnel northbound: Free flowing.