Around 100 bus drivers will create headaches for Auckland commuters on Tuesday in a protest about chaotic industrial standards.

Ritchies Murphy and Pavlovich drivers will walk off the job for 24 hours from 4am on Tuesday until 4am on Wednesday.

First Union said drivers are frustrated because there are no regulations limiting the cuts to pay and allowances such as overtime and sick leave.

Bus drivers are not being treated as people who have lives outside of work, First Union divisional secretary Jared Abbott said.


"Bus drivers are not given the same everyday rights most of us have; like being able to spend time with family, have a hobby, or to have downtime to socialise and be an active member of their communities.

"They can't afford to pay bills and things like going to the movies and holidays are just not even considered," he said.

The union said Auckland's Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) has created a race to the bottom on wages for companies tendering for bus routes.

It contends the PTOM is defunct because there are no regulations limiting the cuts to pay and allowances such as overtime and sick leave.

Abbott said Auckland Transport and Auckland Council need to be aware of the issues surrounding the PTOM.

"Industrywide standards would clean up the calamity that is the bus system in New Zealand. Honestly, while there are quite different issues in different regions it's safe to say it's absolute chaos everywhere, we need to be listened to this time.

"That's why drivers are calling for a Fair Pay Agreement not only in Auckland, but countrywide to drastically improve the lives of hundreds of hard-working New Zealanders," he said.

Outside of Auckland, Go Bus drivers in the Waikato will strike from 5am until 9am on Tuesday.

Meanwhile bus drivers in Wellington have delayed strike action until Thursday.

Tranzurban Hutt Valley and Wellington drivers had planned to go ahead with industrial action on Tuesday.

The dispute between the Tramways Union and the bus operator comes after an overhaul of the city's public transport with the new bus network labelled a fiasco.

Late last month drivers voted to strike indefinitely.

The union's Wellington secretary Kevin O'Sullivan said they found a "legal loophole" ahead of the planned strike.

He said based on legal advice the union received late yesterday, they have deferred the strike until later this week.

O'Sullivan said the union was in negotiations with Uzabus and NZ Bus so the industrial action would only involve Tranzurban drivers.

A rally in support of the strike is still going ahead as planned this afternoon at Cuba Mall.