Aucklanders living on the city streets are being provided with a free laundry and shower service operated by volunteers.

The mobile service run by Orange Sky has two washing machines, two dryers and a shower all equipped into a van around the same size as an ambulance.

Yesterday was the first day homeless people were able to use the service in New Zealand after two Australians got together to help Brisbane's homeless.

Co-founder of Orange Sky, Lucas Patchett, told Newstalk ZB it was initially launched as a way "just to help people".


"[We] had a really crazy idea to chuck two washers, two dryers in the back of an old van and start washing and drying homeless people's clothes for free," he said.

"That was actually four years ago to this date and we're incredibly excited to be launching our first ever international van into Auckland."

But the van doesn't just improve hygiene standards, it also offers sparks an opportunity to bring people together.

Working alongside other service providers in the sector, Orange Sky also encourages counselling support.

"We're all about providing a non-judgmental space for anyone from any walk of life to come into and have a shower, get their clothes washed and have a conversation.

"We always work with awesome service providers, if someone's providing a feed, or providing some coffee or counselling support we can link in," Patchett said.