Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters is holding a press conference after chairing today's Cabinet meeting in the absence of Jacinda Ardern.

No major announcements are expected.

He is likely to be questioned about the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill which is set to be passed this week ahead of Peters' New Zealand First Party 25th party conference in Tauranga this weekend.

The bill would force an MP to resign from Parliament on the say-so of the party caucus and leader and has drawn wide opposition for having a chilling effect on the free speech of MPs.


Although Peters did not campaign on the bill, it ended up as part of New Zealand First's Coalition Agreement with Labour. The Greens have decided to support it, despite being vehemently opposed to it.

Jacinda Ardern is at the United Nations in New York attending leaders' week and will speak at the General Assembly on Friday morning (NZ Time).