The Tribal Huk has nothing to do with a fatal gang shooting in Hamilton but its leader says he has been told several ex-members are involved.

Robert Nelson was shot dead while his girlfriend, Kahlee Marfell, was shot in the leg during a confrontation when three men stormed the Marshall Ave, Melville, house about 12.45am on July 8.

A 17-year-old was also critically injured after being shot four times in the hallway of the house in a shooting which the Herald understands was targeted at Marfell's senior Mongrel Mob father, Mark "Griff" Griffiths.

The loss of Nelson was a loss for the Tribal Huk, according to leader Jamie Pink.


"My son used to play rugby with Robert. He was a good chap, if we knew anything we would have acted."

"There is a lot of speculation at this point but we are doing our part. There has been speculation the gang is involved and we are trying to find out that it is true," Pink said.

He stressed if there was any involvement it would be rogue members and said the gang was investigating internally and co-operating with police.

Robert Nelson, 23, with his partner Kahlee. Robert was killed in a gang shooting in Hamilton. Photo / Supplied
Robert Nelson, 23, with his partner Kahlee. Robert was killed in a gang shooting in Hamilton. Photo / Supplied

"In the last few years there have been some members who have left because of issues with meth."

Former members of the gang had been spoken to by police regarding the shooting, he told the Herald.

He called the shooting "a terrible act" and was "mortified that some of our former people have been mentioned".

"Obviously the people who have been accused have been kicked out of the club. They were kicked out for P use."

Pink had told other media that relations between the Tribal Huk and the Waikato Mongrel Mob had been good.


"Always will be. They're our brothers. There is no beef with them," He told Stuff

He also confirmed in August, the club's former sergeant-at-arms who had been with the club for 20 years had been depatched publically, where his arms and legs were broken due to an "accident".

"I can't say too much. He just lost his way, he obviously pissed someone off, before that he was a great man. He had a lot of mana."

The most common way to lose a patch was by breaking the club's number one tenet, no P.

"We have to stick to our kaupapa, if we have one bad apple it affects the whole tree."

He would not confirm to the Herald if the ex sergeant-at-arms had been depatched because of P use.

He said if he cleaned his act up and proved his worth he could be accepted back into the club.

In 2016 the Tibal Huk drew national attention with their promise to rid Ngaruawahia of methamphetamine.

Pink said he had been shot at and "lost an eyeball" in a so-called war to rid Ngaruawahia of the drug.

He said in 2016 "two little old ladies" shot at him as he sped away in his black SUV.

The group has also been labelled the sandwich gang after reportedly feeding hundreds of people in the Hamilton area daily.

In a statement, police said there was no update on the shooting investigation, which was ongoing.

"We are not in a position to make comment on the speculation in the media or on the details of the investigation at this time."