Government ministers have been reminded of their responsibilities under the Official Information Act to maintain records of all ministerial material, regardless of the forum on which it appears.

"Ministerial Services, alongside the chief archivist, provides guidance to ministers and their staff in regard to their information management obligations under the Public Records Act 2005, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said yesterday.

Under the Public Records Act, ministers are required to create full and accurate records of their ministerial affairs. That includes information held in various formats.

Ardern said the Department of Internal Affairs spoke to Curran's office last Wednesday, to highlight the former minister's obligations under the Act in regard to the use of personal emails.


That included ensuring all information created and received in her official capacity as a minister was provided to her staff for correct storage and retention.

"Clare will follow the requirements under the Act and submit the relevant papers to Archives New Zealand. Access to these papers will be the same as accessing any other papers from previous ministers," Ardern said.

"The OIA is mode-neutral, be it text, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn. Those are all subject to the Official Information Act and we need to therefore make sure that we allow those to continue to be discoverable.