Central Hawke's Bay District Council's former chief executive has been fired from his current role in Australia, following allegations he used his position for personal gain.

Rodger Kerr-Newell has been fired from his role as CEO of Shire of Halls Creek, a council located in Western Australia.

Kerr-Newell was the first chief executive of CHB District Council, a role he began in 1989 and stayed in for three years.

Australia's Corruption and Crime Commission released a statement saying Kerr-Newell failed to disclose his financial involvement with three wind farm companies in New Zealand.


"While Mr Kerr-Newell did seek consent from the Shire President to take on a Directorship with NZ Windfarms, he failed to disclose his financial interest in these companies, the amount of time he would spend fulfilling the role, and his appointment as Chairman."

The statement said Kerr-Newell regally took time-in-lieu which he was not entitled to, which he used to travel to New Zealand on wind farm business.

This cost ratepayers in the Shire approximately $78,000.

He also used his position to hire Bronwyn Little, who he had an intimate relationship with, to the role of Strategic Planning Manager at the Shire.

"In doing so, he corrupted the recruitment process by affording Ms Little the opportunity to write the job description and even appointed her before the application closing date."

"Kerr-Newell also failed to accurately disclose the true nature of their relationship or his conflict of interest, and increased her salary by $24,000 (in total)."

A spokesperson for CHB District Council said Kerr-Newell left to pursue other opportunities in local government.

Earlier reports said Kerr-Newell was also Chief Executive at Hutt City Council, New Plymouth City Council and Rodney City Council.

It was through his role at Hutt City Council that he met Bronwyn Little.