Housing NZ is in the initial planning stages of building new state housing in Kāpiti.

A fact sheet by Housing NZ said many of its existing homes were built on large sections "so we are exploring opportunities to better utilise our land which will help us meet the increasing demand for homes in your area".

Most of the homes would be one or two-bedroom with some three or four-bedroom homes and would be within council's district plan requirements.

"The size of the homes means they'll be suitable for individuals, couples and small families, and larger families in the larger homes."


It said Housing NZ would match homes to individuals and families "on the Ministry of Social Development's housing register with the highest priority for a home of that size and in that location".

A key focus would be "to ensure that tenants understand their responsibilities and that includes being good neighbours and connecting with their communities".

It said a lot of careful thought had been put into the design to ensure the new homes are modern, attractive and easy to maintain.

"They will be carpeted, insulated and have double glazed windows with thermal curtains.

"The homes will be located on landscaped sections with private outdoor living areas including parking."

The homes would be part of a regional housing programme focused on "building more homes across the country to help ensure families and people in need have a place to call home".

A Housing NZ spokesperson said, "Demand for more state housing in Kāpiti is increasing and we are looking to actively respond to this by building more housing to ensure that people and families have a place to call home.

"We are however, in the preliminary stages, which is why we recently visited the mayor to brief him on our initial plans for the district.


"As this planned building initiative could involve redeveloping some of our properties in the area, we have been in touch with tenants and neighbours surrounding properties that could be affected.

"We will ensure that the wider community and local stakeholders are informed about our plans once we have more detail to hand."

Kāpiti mayor K Gurunathan said, "I would like to roll out the red carpet given the current Housing NZ Kāpiti stock of 220 units are very old and nothing new has been built for several decades.

"I'm really glad that the more needy in our communities can expect safe, warm and affordable housing.

"I understand the assessment of the numbers needed has not been finalised with HNZ using data from the Ministry of Social Development to inform this assessment.
"MSD's Kāpiti housing register stands at 65.

"Anecdotal information suggests the MSD figures do not capture the real need in Kāpiti.


"Council has 118 pensioner housing units with the demand listed in our housing register sitting at 100.

"So we should be expecting HNZ to make a reasonable dent to reduce this need.

"Both the MSD's and KCDC's housing register indicate the greatest demand for housing is in Paraparaumu which has 130 of Housing NZ's total existing stock in Kāpiti."