Days after being barred from speaking at Massey University, Don Brash will take centre stage at the University of Auckland for a debate over freedom of speech.

Massey's vice chancellor Jan Thomas decided to stop the event because of heightened tensions over free speech in New Zealand.

Tonight he will join Herald reporters Simon Wilson, Fran O'Sullivan, New Conservative party deputy leader Elliot Ikilei and Former Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand.

Brash and Ikilei will affirm the motion and Wilson and O'Sullivan will negate the motion of whether PC culture has gone too far and is limiting freedom of speech.


Hosted by the University of Auckland's Debating Society, it is the first debate in a series that is exploring issues in New Zealand's society.

Freedom of speech first made headlines in New Zealand after Auckland Council denied alt-right Canadian speakers, Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, to speak at council-owned properties.

The pair were due to speak at The Powerstation on Friday but threats were made online and the owner abruptly stopped the event from going forward.

It was a similar situation that cancelled Brash's talks at Massey. Thomas cited threatening comments online and "security concerns" as the reason to stop the talk.

Community group A New University has organised a peaceful protest to take place at Auckland University tonight over the inclusion of Brash.