Four police recruits have been stood down from the Royal New Zealand Police College for unrelated misconduct incidents.

One of the incidents is believed to be related to an alleged indecent assault, Stuff reported.

Police are also making inquiries following an alcohol-related incident on campus this month, general manager of training Superintendent Scott Fraser said in a statement.

Nobody has been stood down over the latter incident.


Police would not say when over the past nine months the four other recruits had been stood down or what had allegedly occurred, only that there were "allegations of misconduct".

"The allegations relate to four separate incidents that occurred independently. Three of the alleged incidents occurred off-site, in all of the incidents the recruits were off-duty," Fraser said.

An investigation into the four incidents is ongoing.

An anonymous source told Stuff one of the incidents, an alleged indecent assault, happened on the Porirua campus.

Another incident allegedly involved binge-drinking, and led to police property being damaged.

"We hold our staff, including recruits, to a high standard and expect them to model our police values through all parts of their personal and professional lives," Fraser said.

"When a recruit's conduct is alleged to not be in line with police's values we will not hesitate to investigate and deal with the matter appropriately."