Three days beyond her due date Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is still managing to keep herself busy.

Ardern's partner Clarke Gayford this afternoon tweeted a photo of her head down into a pile of paperwork at home, tagged #still waiting.

"Anyone with aspirations of being PM, make sure you also have an appetite for reading and reading and reading and reading," he wrote.

Ardern was due to give birth to her first child on Sunday. However, it appears the baby is having other ideas.


Gayford's photo shows the prime minister surrounded with a pile of paperwork including an open briefcase full of other folders.

Ardern had previously joked she would try various methods to help induce labour naturally.

"I heard that curries, walking on kerbs, eating pineapple [help induce labour]," Ardern said

"I thought I'd do them all at once. So if you see me walking through Sandringham with a pineapple under my arm and a take-out curry … that's exactly what's going on."

Once Ardern is in labour and heads to the hospital Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters takes over as Acting Prime Minister.