A gym manager was steps away from being hit by a vehicle that ploughed into her gym after a domestic dispute escalated yesterday.

Snap Fitness Hastings Club manager, Kirsten Parcell, was going about her normal duties when "out of nowhere" the silver Subaru hurtled through the window.

"If I had taken a couple more steps, it would have wiped me out," she said, her nerves still "shot" from the crash.

"It was a bit of a close call and it all happened pretty fast and then there were people everywhere, and there was just a car still running with no one in it."

Snap Fitness Hastings Club manager Kirsten Parcell. Photo / Warren Buckland.
Snap Fitness Hastings Club manager Kirsten Parcell. Photo / Warren Buckland.

Police were called to the St Aubyn St East gym at 11.20am.

A spokeswoman said police had been told a couple were fighting in the car and a woman tried to drive off, but crashed into the gym.

Parcell was uninjured but shaken.

"I was in the cardio area filling up the paper towel dispensers, and as I walked back to my desk there was this loud noise and glass shattering. There was quite a lot of force," Parcell said.

The car also hit a treadmill but a woman using it miraculously escaped injury.

"It's a bit of a shock, not something you expect to happen ever. I count myself quite lucky and I think my member who was on the treadmill at the time is extremely lucky too," Parcell said.

Reva Ngapoe, who works at By The Lights Cafe, said she saw a man screaming at a woman before suddenly hearing "a huge bang".

"The guy was yelling at the woman to get out. She got out and punched him in the face and then hopped back in the car and put her foot on the accelerator like she was ready to go."

She said another man started yelling to leave the woman alone but by the time he was near them, she had already taken off.

"Luckily she didn't hit anyone on the road."

It is understood the man was hanging out of the car door with his hand on the steering wheel as the woman accelerated.

"He must have jumped out of the car before it hit the gym."

A woman in her early 20s was reportedly in a stable condition at Hawke's Bay Hospital after the crash and has since been discharged.

A 26-year-old man is in custody after being arrested for male assaults female and driving in a dangerous manner.