Reports of a laser light being shone at a plane near Taupō Airport have been reported to police and the Civil Aviation Authority.

A police spokeswoman said police received a call at 7:23pm on Monday reporting a laser being pointed at the cockpit of a plane landing at Taupō Airport.

Taupo Airport. Photo/file
Taupo Airport. Photo/file

Officers went to the area, spoke to the pilot, and made area inquiries but did not find anything or anyone of interest.

The Civil Aviation Authority confirmed the plane had landed safely.


Reports of laser strikes are treated very seriously by police, due to the potential for serious injury and harm, the police spokeswoman said.

"While to the person pointing the laser, it may just be a little dot of light, for the person on the other end, it is a large illumination that can cause eye damage, flash blindness and headaches," she said.

There were severe penalties possible for people involved in this sort of activity and an individual might be charged with endangering transport or criminal nuisance, she said.