Two dogs thought to be responsible for a cat-killing spree in Papamoa have been impounded by Tauranga City Council's animal control team.

Team leader Brent Lincoln said the council was investigating the four reported cat deaths but it was likely to be a lengthy process.

Police confirmed they assisted animal control staff in Hartford Ave yesterday.

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Meanwhile, a Papamoa family are mourning the loss of Poppy, a ragdoll cat thought to be the first taken by the dogs in the Palm Beach area on Monday night.

Poppy's owner, who asked not to be named for fear of repercussion, said the cat was very special to the family because Poppy was originally adopted by her owner's mother shortly before she died.

"She was her pride and joy.

"To have Poppy go in such a horrific way was horrendous."

She first knew something was wrong when she heard a chain dragging on her concrete driveway just after dark.

Then her gated dogs went "berserk" and rushed to see the intruders.

The owner saw a dog jumping at Poppy on a fence and knocking her off.

When she went outside - armed with her toddler's trolley - she saw there were three dogs: two tan pitbulls and a brindle dog of an unknown breed.


One had Poppy in its mouth. The trio ran off.

At least three more cats were taken and killed that night nearby.

She was disappointed with the speed and effectiveness of authorities' reactions on the night, and said the incident had spurred her to try to improve the response system.

She wanted to hold a community meeting to talk about issues with roaming or menacing dogs in Papamoa.

"I am adamant that no one else should have to go through this."