Kiwi adventurer Scott Donaldson has begun his attempt to become the first person to kayak solo from Australia to New Zealand.

Donaldson departed from Coffs Harbour north of Sydney at 8am amid cheers from supporters.

The 47-year-old is no stranger to the challenge, having attempted the feat in 2014 spending a total of 84 days at sea.

After paddling half the Tasman with an unrepairable rudder the attempt was abandoned 80km off the coast of New Zealand.


Mount Taranaki was in sight at the time but Donaldson was caught in a storm and had to be rescued.

This morning Donaldson said he was "chomping at the bit to get out there".

"We had to wait a while for the weather, but it's come, so we'll use it."

Donaldson hoped to be quicker than his last attempt and was aiming to make landfall on the Taranaki Coast.

"This time around it's about that last 80km that didn't get done last time, it's about finishing the job off."

Donaldson said he wanted to raise awareness for Asthma Australia and Asthma New Zealand.

"I have it, my son has it, so we want to encourage all asthmatics to get out there and exercise and to do what is needed to be healthy.

"I am living proof of what you can achieve.

"Actually, the sea air, without pollen, is pretty good. I will have no issues out there."


Tasman voyages

English-born New Zealander Colin Quincey became the first person to row across the Tasman in the summer of 1977.

For 33 years he was the only person to hold the accomplishment until his son Shaun Quincey achieved the same feat by rowing in the opposite direction in 2010.

In 2007, Australian pair Justin Jones and James Castrission were the first to kayak across the Tasman and did so in 60 days.

The same year Andrew McAuley disappeared at sea while attempting to solo kayak across the Tasman.