Three burglars have driven a car into a Te Awamutu dairy and made off with cigarettes and chocolate.

The ram raid left glass strewn all over the footpath outside Puniu Rd Dairy.

Waikato Senior Sergeant Shelley Begbie said the three offenders dumped the car near the dairy after the raid.

Puniu Rd resident Rosemary Brandon woke up to a loud bang at 5.20am.


"I got a big fright - I thought someone was breaking into my flatmate's vehicle parked on the driveway."

"I looked out the window and saw three guys running out of the shop."

She said the ram raid didn't frighten her.

"I knew they were just after cigarettes. Ram raids are becoming so common now."

Anyone with information about the raid is asked to phone Hamilton police on (07) 8586200, or Te Awamutu police (07) 872 0100.