Police have yet to track down the alleged offenders caught on camera throwing rubbish from their car, swearing at another motorist and driving dangerously in Dunedin nearly two months ago.

That is despite the car's number plate being clearly visible in the video, captured by another driver filming with a dashcam in Crawford St near Briscoes, about 5.30pm on February 22.

The driver made a complaint to police the same day using its Community Roadwatch form.

A police spokeswoman said yesterday "work is still under way to locate and speak to the registered owner of the car".


"His last known address has been visited but he no longer lives there and the current residents do not know him."

The driver who filmed the incident said he had not been contacted by police.

The video begins as the following vehicle pulls up behind a Toyota Corolla sedan, stopped in traffic.

When the sedan remains stationary while traffic moves on, the filming driver honks their horn four times.

The sedan begins to move forward, before its front-seat passenger suddenly hurls a plastic bag full of rubbish out of the left-hand window, which hits a passing hatchback in the neighbouring lane.

Cans and plastic bottles litter the road as the filming car keeps following the sedan.
At the intersection of Crawford and Jervois Sts, both vehicles pull up at a red light.

The sedan shifts into the right-hand turning lane as the other driver pulls alongside and begins remonstrating with the litterbug motorist.

The following driver is met with abuse, and an angry and vulgar reply.


When the lights change, the sedan swerves in front of straight-ahead traffic, crosses two lanes and speeds off towards Police St.

The driver who captured the video supplied it to the Otago Daily Times last month after another motorist was captured repeatedly crossing the centre line in Warrender St.

They asked to remain anonymous, citing concerns about their families' safety.