Residents in a central Auckland suburb knocked off the grid by a ferocious storm are concerned a fallen tree sitting untouched will prevent power from being restored.

The large tree has fallen onto a home and knocked down powerlines on the corner of John St and Summer St, Ponsonby.

Locals Juliet Hawkeswood and Narelle Mullins were concerned the tree was stopped Vector from taking action in the area.

"We're concerned that nothing can be done until the tree is removed," Mullins said.

Tuesday night's storm bought a tree down onto a house on the corner of Summer and John Street, in Ponsonby. Photo / Brett Phibbs
Tuesday night's storm bought a tree down onto a house on the corner of Summer and John Street, in Ponsonby. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Mullins had been without power since Tuesday night, when a ferocious storm knocked power out for 180,000 homes across the Auckland region.

"It's been freezing. We have absolutely no power," Mullins said.

She had combated the cold by wrapping up with warm clothing and had been heading out for meals as she had not been able to cook.

"A group of us went out for breakfast this morning and last night I went to a friend's place in another suburb."

Mullins said she had planned to host guests over the weekend, but might have to reconsider.

Down the road, Auckland University student Aston O'Keefe was huddled inside her flat, trying to keep warm with newly purchased Kmart blankets.

O'Keefe said she had been able to see her breath inside her bedroom last night - the old Ponsonby flat was "freezing" without any power for heaters.

The 23-year-old's flat sat directly next door to the home hit by a falling tree on Tuesday.

Firefighters arrived about 9 or 10pm, she said, and told the neighbours they had to get out.

"The wires were live so the neighbours couldn't stay in the house, the firefighters told them was a risk of fire there."

It was concerning fire crews had not mentioned this to her flat, she said, which was very close to the damaged home.

"We weren't told until yesterday, when the neighbours came back to pick up some clothes, that the fire crews told them the house could catch fire."

With power cut to the freezer, food had gone off and had to be thrown out.

"I've been going to friends' houses to charge my phone and stuff, cooking there, coming back.

"I went to Kmart to buy blankets and candles."

The Arts and Commerce student described the situation as "super annoying" - made worse by not knowing when power would be restored.

A Vector spokeswoman said with the amount of restoration work still being undertaken, she had been unable to confirm the situation regarding the Ponsonby house but would make further enquiries.

The Herald has approached Auckland Council about the removal of the tree.