A person has been critically injured after a car and a crane crashed at a West Auckland intersection.

The single occupant of the car has been rushed to Auckland Hospital after the crash, which happened shortly before 1pm on the corner of Hobsonville Rd and Brigham Creek Rd.

A Fire and Emergency NZ spokesperson told the Herald two fire engines were at the scene.

They were using the jaws of life to extricate the motorist, who was the car's single occupant.


A witness, who was driving directly behind the car before it turned onto Brigham Creek Rd, said the damage to the car was "extensive".

"It was pretty bad down the right-hand side of the car - it hit him right on the door."

Sean Waugh had been driving to a meeting when the incident happened, but stopped to see if he could help.

He gave a statement to police about what he saw and stuck around while St John Ambulance crews and fire engines turned up.

The man was stuck in the car for some time before fire crews could haul him out, he said.

"He was pretty jammed in there."

Ruel Williams works at a car yard near where the accident happened.

"I was inside and heard a massive bang."

He went outside and saw that a large crane had crashed into a Mercedes Benz car.

He said an ambulance, fire truck and police car were at the scene, where firefighters were working on the car.

"They have got the jaws of life and are pulling the car apart. There's someone still in there."

"It doesn't look too good."

Brigham Creek Rd is currently blocked and cordons are in place. Fire crews were helping police officers divert traffic at what was usually a very busy intersection.