The search for missing Bulls man Kevin Hartley is being scaled back after hundreds of volunteers scoured the Santoft Forest and beach areas over the weekend.

Hartley, 54, has been missing from the Scotts Ferry beach area since February 16.

He was last seen driving a quad bike from Parewanui Rd to the beach towards the bombing range tower in Santoft Forest.

His quad bike was later found parked in the sand dunes and there has been no sign of him since.


Sergeant Andy Brooke of Manawatu Search and Rescue said hundreds of volunteers spent the weekend searching for Hartley.

The search involved more than 250 civilian volunteers on Saturday and 63 on Sunday — which equates to about 1850 and 530 search hours respectively.

This was in addition to the Search and Rescue, military, Rural Fire and Red Cross volunteers.

The Santoft Forest and beach areas have been searched extensively in both directions from where the quad bike was left but still nothing of interest has been found.

Brooke said police will be limiting ongoing searches from now on but the investigation continues.

The search and dive squad deployment was hampered last week by bad weather due to Cyclone Gita.

Searchers have been concentrating on the area north of the bombing range, but have also been searching the forest area, shelter belt and sand dunes.

Police have concerns for Hartley's wellbeing and would like to hear from anyone who saw him in the area on Friday or during the weekend.


Anyone with information that might help find him is urged to contact their local police station.