Fireworks displays might soon be an exclusively public affair if a proposal from two Auckland Councillors is successful this morning.

Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward councillor Cathy Casey is presenting a notice of motion to the council this morning, lobbying the Government to ban the private sale and use of fireworks.

The proposal, which applied to the whole country, was being seconded by Councillor Fa'anana Efeso Collins.

Casey was hoping for unanimous support ahead of this morning's debate.


"I think there's been a change in the public's mood for the ban," she said.

"I'm really hoping for the support from my fellow councillors so that we can take a stand."

The issue had been simmering for a number of years.

A bid to ban the private use of fireworks was rejected by a Parliamentary committee in 2015, when the idea was labelled "unenforceable".

The committee was responding to a petition signed by more than 20,000 people.

The petition said restrictions on fireworks introduced eight years ago had not eliminated negative effects such as distress to animals, injuries, fires, damage to property and public nuisance.

Casey said the rejection had come as a blow to animal rights activists and a handful of other groups who are against the private sale and use of fireworks.

"I think the last one left people really disappointed ... it was a massive amount of support," she said.


The number of injuries to both people and animals had proven fireworks weren't safe when put in the hands of the public, she said.

Emergency services were kept busy with celebrations gone awry on Guy Fawkes Night and the surrounding days last year, with at least eight reported injuries.

The sale and use of fireworks was regulated by the Hazardous Substances Regulations 2001. The Act said fireworks could be displayed for retail sale or sold by a retailer from November 2-5.

However, Casey said punters would often purchase fireworks during this period and store them for later use.

The SPCA would be heading along to the debate and vote at the Council Chambers this morning.