Two kayakers have been rescued from Wellington Harbour after getting into trouble while out fishing.

A 59-year-old man and his 29-year-old son left Petone this morning wearing life jackets and carrying cellphones in waterproof bags.

The weather deteriorated and when they were around 200m off shore one of the kayakers was swamped by a wave and overturned, a police spokesperson said.

While trying to help him, the second kayaker also overturned and both ended up in the water. They were unable to get back into their kayaks and called 111.


Officers onshore attended and kept an eye on the pair in the water while the Lady Elizabeth IV and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter went to their rescue.

One person was winched into the helicopter and the other, along with the two kayaks, was picked up by Lady Liz.

They were assessed by paramedics and were a bit cold after spending 40 minutes in the water but otherwise unharmed, the spokesperson said.

Police Maritime Unit Constable Barry Murfin said the men were well prepared and did the right thing when they got into trouble.

"Things can change quickly on the water so wearing a life jacket and having forms of communication are your best chance of keeping yourself safe on the water.

"These two made it out of a potentially very dangerous scenario unharmed and have their own preparedness to thank."