A man who came to the rescue of another man, critically injured, after being hit by a car in a street fight in Panmure, was later stabbed.

A total of five people were taken to hospital after two separate street fights at a Tripoli Rd property this weekend.

Two were injured in the first brawl which broke out in the early hours of Saturday morning, and saw a man hit by a car and trapped underneath with critical injuries.

Police at the scene. Photo / Sam Sword
Police at the scene. Photo / Sam Sword

Witnesses told the Herald the victim was caught under the car for up to a minute while a rioting mob shook the vehicle and threatened the driver.


Neighbours described it as being akin to the movie Fight Club, with young, drunk, shirtless men punching each other and shouting in the street.

Another man came to the injured man's aid, and helped lift the car off him, but was later stabbed for his efforts in a second brawl later that evening.

The second fight erupted around 11.30pm after about 20 people entered a house, at the same site of the earlier brawl, confronting occupants and damaging property.

Three people were injured during the incident – two with stab wounds; one person received a laceration to the arm, and one person received a stab wound to the back - and the third a blunt-force injury to the head.

Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe said 20 young adults arrived at this address carrying a variety of weapons, including at least one hammer and a knife.

"They have gone into this property and broken windows, smashed cars, and caused damage that means the occupants of this address can't reside here.

"Every single window on the ground floor was smashed, there was glass throughout the place."

Pascoe said it was a deliberate retaliation for the events that happened in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The car damaged in the alleged hit and run incident during the street brawl in Panmure - police are looking for the driver. Photo / via Police
The car damaged in the alleged hit and run incident during the street brawl in Panmure - police are looking for the driver. Photo / via Police

"They have targeted the wrong people and targeted people that have in fact helped the victim on the first night," he said.

"Despite coming from the opposing group, this person made the choice to stay with the injured man until the ambulance arrived and he even assisted in lifting the car off him.

"For his efforts he is now in hospital recovering from serious injuries."

He said the conflict was between two groups, but he didn't describe them as gang members.

Police have not located the driver of the vehicle but Pascoe said they are following strong leads.

No arrests or charges have been laid at this stage.

"We are confident none of the victims who were targeted last night were responsible for driving the vehicle into our previous victims," he said.

"A team of 17 investigators are working on the matter and are confident they will identify the driver of the vehicle.

"It is a male, aged in his mid-thirties, around 6ft in height, a Polynesian described as having a belly. He was wearing a grey singlet and had a cap on that didn't have any logos."

He is believed to be the only person who was in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

Pascoe said patrols would continue to be increased in the Glen Innes and Panmure area.

Anyone with information on either of the incidences is asked to call police on 09 302 6837, or CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.