A small plane has made a miraculous landing in the Hunua Ranges south of Auckland this afternoon.

The man and woman on the plane were reportedly mostly uninjured and walked away from the landing.

The Auckland Westpac Rescue and Police Eagle helicopter crews found the survivors near the wreckage and the pair were lifted with a 48m winch from the bush.

They were taken to Ardmore Airport where they were assessed before they were transported to hospital.


"They are two very lucky individuals," said Westpac helicopter crewman Mark Cannell.

"It was very dense - not a lot of room to winch from and extremely tall trees."

Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter spokesman Lincoln Davies said one of the victims was an instructor and the other a pilot but he was unsure who was who.

Cannell said the pair were lucky to bring the plane down where they did.

"They have done very well to get that machine on to the ground in that sort of terrain.

"It's probably one of the tighter spots I've seen that kind of thing happen," he said.