An alternative Te Mata peak walking track has been touted, by the parties involved with the controversial and newly created $300,000 Craggy Range track.

There was an outpouring of support when Craggy Range Winery announced late last month it would be removing its walking track on the eastern slopes of Te Mata Peak.

This followed public outcry and threats of legal action against the Hastings District Council from groups opposed to its development.

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Craggy Range to remove controversial Te Mata Peak track


Talks were held on Friday between those involved with the Craggy Range walking track on Te Mata Peak, to discuss the issues surrounding the track and to explore alternative options for public walking access on the eastern slopes of Te Mata Peak.

Craggy Range CEO Mike Wilding said in the week before Christmas, they decided the best resolution was to remove the track, restore the land and return it to the previous owner.

"It was an integrity based decision, and we remain committed to that," he said.

"As we said at the time, we never intended to alienate or divide any part of our community by developing the public track and we moved swiftly to close the trail."

The zig-zag track on Te Mata Peak. photo/File
The zig-zag track on Te Mata Peak. photo/File

"However, it is clear that there is considerable public support for walking access on the eastern slopes of the Peak and today we have agreed to work together on exploring an alternative that can hopefully satisfy everyone."

Mr Wilding said they were excited about working with others, and felt there was the potential to create something "truly amazing" - which they were committed to progressing, and leading.

All parties supported and respected Craggy Range's decision to remove the existing track from Te Mata Peak and were committed to working together to find a long-term solution for people to access the east side of Te Mata Peak.

In the meantime, Craggy Range Winery is developing a remediation plan and will be applying for resource consent to remove the track in February, with works due to commence in autumn.


The track remains closed.