A car and trailer that collided leaving someone seriously hurt has caused a jet ski to fall off a trailer and has left 200m of debris on the road near Rotorua.

A police media spokesman said they had received four calls to the same incident on Te Ngae Rd, just north of Rotorua Airport about 12.30pm.

"The crash scene is reported to be 200m long, we were told there was lots of debris on the road."

He said the jet ski was in the middle of the road and traffic management and a clean up crew had been called to the scene.


A St John spokeswoman said they transferred two patients, one with serious injuries and one with moderate injuries to Rotorua Hospital.

A Rotorua Daily Post photographer at the scene said as of just before 2pm traffic was flowing in both directions.

He said emergency services had left the scene but the jetski and the vehicles involved were still on the side of the road.

A Rotorua Hospital spokeswoman said earlier tonight two young women and a child were treated and discharged from hospital.