An important organisation, Youthquest Kapiti, which helps at-risk boys, has gone into voluntary liquidation.

Youthquest Kapiti mentoring manager Darcy Hata said the not-for-profit community based charitable organisation went into liquidation yesterday.

He said the main reason was due to funding levels including a governmental fund which had been cut back half way through the year which put them under pressure.

"We've plodded along and had a few funding applications put in which has got us to this point but no further."


Youthquest Kapiti has been operating for 11 years and has helped about 230 young boys.

"We've just graduated our 30th course too."

Mr Hata said the organisation had worked hard to try and prevent the liquidation process from happening.

"We contacted MPs, we had potential proposals for sustainable income for next year, we just needed to get to next year."

There was no chance to stop the liquidation.

"Once the process has started that's it."

He said the mood was sombre.

"It hasn't really hit home yet."


A Facebook post by the organisation said, "We want to thank everyone out there for all your support, friendship, aroha, respect and all the other superlatives out there.

"We care for and love you all very much."

Mr Hata said the liquidation didn't affect a similar operation in the Hawke's Bay.

"They have enough funding to take care of creditors and so on."

Mr Hata said he, along with colleagues Terry Poko and AJ Wallace, were keen to continue the work they were doing.

"We just can't continue to do that under Youthquest Kapiti."