New Zealand Police have taken their ability to render a criminal "scared stiff" to a whole new level in a special Halloween tribute video.

The video, posted to the Wellington District Police Facebook page this afternoon, celebrates all things horrific and haunting on the annual celebration of All Hallows' Eve.

The video begins with a police vehicle pulling into a carpark before a mob of zombies descend upon the camera, timed appropriately to the background music of classic Kiwi anthem Poi E.

The zombified officers then perform a few moves from Michael Jackson's Thriller, before going zombie freestyle with some poi and haka-inspired dance moves.


The video is accompanied by some helpful tips for parents to "keep your little zombies safe this Halloween", including going out with an adult, staying in places that are not too dark, and respecting "no trick or treaters" signs.

The post also includes a tag to Taika Waititi, in homage to his performance of Thriller to the same song in the movie Boy.