A leading American newspaper has linked Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern in a controversial line-up of far right leaders dubbed the offspring of Donald Trump.

In an article examining newly appointed world leaders USA Today said the Trump influence is spreading across the globe.

It said countries were being influenced by the unconventional American political leader and at least two countries - the Philippines and the Czech Republic - had elected leaders identical to Trump.

Those critiqued included New Zealand Prime Minister-in-waiting Jacinda Ardern, French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen, Netherlands' far-right leader Geert Wilders, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Bulgarian politician Veselin Mareshki who founded an anti-immigration party.


USA Today said the global "political offspring of President Trump" all emulated key characteristics including being wealthy, controversial, outspoken and skilled at delivering electoral upsets by appealing to voters' nativist instincts on immigration, Islam, trade, jobs and law and order.

It lumped Ardern with the likes of Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte, who is known for his brutal war on drugs that have led to widespread killings by police.

In assessing Ardern's supposed Trump-like characteristics it cited her strong stance on immigration. It did note her position scrapping tax cuts and championing the welfare state.

The article referred to a tweet last month by the Wall Street Journal dubbing Ardern as "New Zealand's Justin Trudeau [Prime Minister of Canada] - except she's more like Trump on immigration".

At the time Ardern said she found it "offensive" to be compared to Trump.

The latest critique comes as Ardern prepares to meet Trump at next week's Apec summit in Vietnam.

Yesterday Ardern took a call from Trump offering his congratulations after her electoral victory.

The pair plan to talk further on New Zealand's role in the Asia Pacific region and a commitment to a strong relationship with the United States.