TV star Clarke Gayford has documented a hilarious tale about one of his friends mistakenly taking a neighbour's cat to the vet, instead of his own pet.

Gayford, the partner of Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, explained on Twitter that his mate spent $130 for a vet's visit and medication after his cat was acting strange - to later find out it wasn't his cat.

The vet prescribed the cat anti-anxiety medication and recommended rest - so the man kept the cat in his bedroom for five days.

Five days later, Gayford's mate's actual cat walked in to the house.


In the meantime, a neighbour was looking for her black cat.

Gayford's friend realised he had drugged and locked up someone else's cat.

The kitty was also a different gender.

The neighbour sent a message to Gayford's friend a few days later saying her cat didn't seem to be traumatised by its confinement.