A wrong turn landed an Auckland driver in an awkward position this morning, with his car teetering down a set of pedestrian steps he mistook for a driveway.

The man, who only wanted to be known as Timmy, was heading to the Tai Ping Asian Supermarket on Rosedale Rd just before 10am.

He turned into what he thought was the main vehicle entrance, but soon found he'd botched his navigation and was steering his Audi down a flight of concrete pedestrian steps.

To get to the steps he had to mount the kerb and drive over the footpath.


The entrance he should have used is slightly further along the road.

Staff at the supermarket thought the incident was hilarious and tracked the driver down in store to speak to the Herald.

Timmy confirmed he took a wrong turn, and realised pretty quickly he was stuck.

"I knew I needed help," he said.

He called a towing company and was stuck at the store until they arrived to pull the Audi back on to the road where it belonged.

At least that gave Timmy time to pick up his groceries.