1. Enrolment deadline

Voters have until Friday, September 22 to enrol.

All New Zealand citizens and permanent residents aged 18 or older are required by law to enrol, although voting is not compulsory.

2. How to enrol

Voters can enrol either online at elections.org.nz, by free texting 3676, calling 0800 36 76 56, visiting facebook.com/ivoteNZ or by visiting their nearest Post Shop.

3. Election day

All election advertising and signs must be taken down by midnight on the night before election day, September 23.


Preliminary results are released from 7pm until about 11.30pm.

The official results are declared two weeks after the election, on Saturday, October 7.

4. Working?

Voters working on election day are legally entitled to have time away from work to go and vote.

Employees who do not have a reasonable opportunity to vote before starting work on election day must be allowed to leave their work to vote no later than 3pm for the remainder of the day. Employers are not able to make deductions from their pay for the time taken off and face up to a $1000 fine for failing to comply.

5. Where you can vote on election day

About 400 advance voting places will be open from September 11, and about 2500 voting places across the country will be open. Voters must vote within their electorate or cast a special vote if they are not in their electorate. Voting booths can be found on the elections website, elections.org.nz. There is a dictation voting service for those who are blind, partially blind, or have a physical disability that prevents them marking their ballot paper without assistance. More information is at elections.org.nz

6. When you can vote

Between 9am-7pm on election day. The busiest time is usually between 9am-11am.

7. The electorate and party vote

Voters have two votes to cast on their ballot paper: one for the candidate they would most like to represent their electorate and one for the political party they would like elected to Parliament.

8. Want to vote early?

Advance voting began on September 11. Those overseas have also been able to vote from September 6.

Booths can be found on the elections website, elections.org.nz, or freephone 0800 36 76 56.

9. Can't get to a designated voting booth in your electorate on election day?

Voters who can't get to a designated voting booth on election day can either vote in advance, or cast a special vote by filling out a declaration form.

You can find the form at elections.org.nz.

10. Use your EasyVote card

These aim to make voting easier and faster. You will receive an EasyVote pack in the post if you were enrolled by August 23.

Voters who do not have an EasyVote card can use a letter from the Electoral Commission or tell polling staff their full name and address.