The owners of You Hairdressing in Woodville were keen to tame the manes of Lions supporters travelling through the town on their way to Wellington.

Catherine Hunt and Kellie McKay, of You Hairdressing on Woodville's Vogel St, wanted to make the British and Irish Lions fans feel at home so they posted an enticing free offer of a haircut on their window.

"We had lots of Lion supporters through our town and they were very amused with our free haircut offer.

"They stopped for photos with the sign and even clapped. But I guess they weren't up for the terms and conditions," Catherine said.


It seems a New Zealand fern cut was too much for the Northern Hemisphere supporters.

Entrepreneur Suzie Johnson, owner of oosh La La and For Frock's Sake, with premises alongside You Hairdressing, said the sign was "brilliant".

"I love it," she said.