A car has hit a power pole in Glenbrook, causing the transformer to fall on the car and trap the driver.

The crash, near the northern end of Glenbrook Beach Rd, was reported at 11.15pm, northern fire service shift manager Paul Radden said.

The person has now been freed from the vehicle and has been left in the care of ambulance, he said.

There were numerous power outages around Glenbrook after the accident, according to the Counties Power website.


Fire crews are at the scene. Counties Power arrived at the scene just before 11.50pm, Radden said earlier this evening.

"We're just waiting for Counties Power to arrive to confirm power if off. It's showing as off at the control room for Counties Power but we obviously need that confirmed onsite to then begin extricating duties."

It was not clear if the person in the car had sustained any injuries, he said.