Two alleged burglars were caught in the act thanks to a group of Tukituki neighbours yesterday.

A 32-year-old woman and a man of unknown age were arrested and charged with burglary following an incident which started at a property on Craggy Range Rd and ended under the Waimarama Rd bridge at 4.24pm.

Senior Sergeant Dan Foley, of Eastern District Command Centre, said the offenders were caught thanks to a group of neighbours who found the offenders parked underneath the bridge and cornered them before calling the police.

"This is neighbourhood support in action, it was a really good outcome," Mr Foley said.
"It's always good when we catch burglars."


People out in the country rely on each other for support because of the remote locations that they live in and in this case they really looked after each other, Mr Foley said.

A local resident, who did not want to be named, said the victim of the burglary came back to their address after being out, to find items missing from the house.

They got in their car and went searching, spotting a white laundry basket belonging to them in a vehicle parked under the bridge over the Tukituki River.

They called their neighbours who came down and blocked the van ensuring the offenders could not escape before calling the police, the resident said.