A man angry because he was refused entry to an Auckland bus took matters into his own hands, sitting in front of the passenger vehicle to prevent it moving.

The man tried to get on the bus outside the Langham Hotel on Symonds St this morning but it was already pulling away from the stop.

The driver then emptied all passengers from the bus and called police.

"Police were called to Symonds St after a man who had attempted to board a bus as it pulled away from the stop had sat in front of the bus in protest after the driver refused to open the doors to let him on," said a spokeswoman.


"He was spoken to by police and during this time the bus continued on its way.

"No arrests were made."

Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan also confirmed he was aware of the situation.

"The bus was stopped on Symonds St when a member of the public approached the front of the bus and put both hands on the bus as if to try to push it backwards.

"The person then sat in front of the bus for a short time before getting up when police arrived.

"The driver says he did not hear the person shout or speak."