A man is on trial this week for allegedly assaulting his 15-year-old stepdaughter's rapist.

Jason Haward was convicted of raping the girl at Paraparaumu Beach last year and was sentenced to seven years' jail last week, Fairfax reported.

On Wednesday, the Wellington District Court was told that the victim's stepfather saw Haward walking down a road in Paraparaumu after the crime.

The court heard that the man leaped from his car and punched Haward repeatedly in the head and face, and head-butted him.


Haward was concussed and lost a tooth.

The stepfather has pleaded not guilty to assault with intent to injure.

A witness told the court: "He raped my daughter, he raped my daughter, I'm going to kill the b******."

A neurosurgeon from Wellington Hospital told the court today the victim had four seizures in the ambulance on the way to hospital after the alleged assault.

The doctor said this was common after receiving a knock to the head, and the victim's condition improved upon arrival to the emergency department.

He suffered no lasting head injuries and was discharged after 24 hours of observation.

Defence lawyer Peter Foster said there was evidence Haward had been hit in the head two days before the alleged assault.

He questioned whether the seizures Haward suffered could have related to the earlier knock to the head, and whether there were any tests done at the hospital to eliminate the possibility the victim's seizures were random and unrelated to his head injuries.


The doctor said no such tests were carried out.

The case was adjourned for the day after trouble with the availability of a witness.

The trial will resume tomorrow and may go into Monday.